Past Events

Distributed Generation and Introduction to Smart Grid – Oct 2020

October 23, 2020 at 4pm, via ZOOM, on-behalf of IEEE

Abstract: Access to electricity is a critical factor in ensuring a high quality of life, economic growth, educational advancement and social development. However, often, access to electricity is taken for granted. We don’t think about the electrical grid’s complexity and the amount of impressive, sophisticated engineering designs that go into it.

This seminar aims to provide an overview of the current practices to connect Embedded Distributed Generators, i.e. solar, wind, geothermal, etc. to the distribution grid. This seminar will also discuss the successes and challenges of new technological advances in the current Smart Grid.

The presentation will provide:

 – An overview of the traditional and future power grid

 – A review of government initiatives around the world and in Ontario

 – An evaluation of the impact of distributed generators

 – Model distributed generators & predict the increased short circuit levels; voltage profiles change along with the network

 – Brief overview of interconnection standards, i.e. IEEE 1547

 – Review of connection processes for utilities in Ontario and interconnection requirements

 – An introduction to Smart Grid Technologies

Presented by Hugo Sanchez-Reategui.  Hugo has been an Embedded Distributed Generation consultant of Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream Inc.), in Vaughan, Ontario for the past eight years, with ten years of experience as an Electrical Engineer in Electrical Distribution, Power Generation and Automation.


Bletchley Park and the Code Breaking Machines of WW2 – March 2020

When: Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 7:30pm

Where: Navy Club, 24 Whitlaw Street, off Lansdowne, opposite River Road South

What: How did the Enigma and Bombe machines really work?

For anyone who has seen the entertaining movie “The Imitation Game” about Alan Turing and code breaking at Bletchley Park in WW2,  Mike will explain how the Enigma and Bombe machines really worked. Plus how the Lorenz “Tunny” machine and Colossus (the Worlds first programmable computer) worked to help solve the more complex Ultra coded messages.

This presentation is not about code cracking. It is about the machines, how they worked and how they were used.

If you were there in the early days of computers or you are interested in the history of computing machines, this is for you.

This presentation will be provided by our very own Chapter Executive member Mike Wearing;  Mike Wearing is a Professional Engineer (Electrical) who was educated at the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical School, the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, and McGill University.  At de Havilland he designed the installation of navigation and communication equipment in military aircraft; first in the UK and then after 1960 in Canada. As de Havilland downsized he left to join the burgeoning computer industry, where he worked for 38 years, first as a hardware engineer and later as a software engineer.

After retiring at the end of 1999, Mike became a volunteer Team Leader with the Halifax (Ground) Search & Rescue team for 11 years. He participated in about 70 searches for lost people, helped with the Map & Compass course and co-taught the Clue Awareness & Tracking course.

Best Practices for the Development of New Engineered Solutions in the Race for Advanced Technology (Brought to you by the IEEE Chapter) – Oct 2019

This presentation described best practices for research and development such as rapid learning and iterative engineering synergized with project management techniques such as Agile, Lean and Kanban in order to execute and manage complex projects.

The mastery of new tricks from developing an idea to implementing its solution is of importance for a new generation of engineers and project managers who work in an increasingly complex technological, international and multidisciplinary environment. Best practices described in this seminar enable creativity and speed to realize new ideas while ensuring that problems of the past are not repeated in new projects. This is particularly significant for risks in engineered solutions that could have catastrophic effects on human life, business, or the environment.

Tools and behaviours discussed:

  • Rapid Learning Cycles for Quicker Development of Solutions
  • Iterative design and structured problem solving for maximum Scope and Risk Coverage
  • Higher quality design by ensuring that known risks do not repeat

The presentation took place on Oct 1, 2019, by our very own Peterborough member Peter Stumpf, P.Eng., PMP., R&D Manager – Siemens Canada Limited.


2019 Peterborough Engineering Symposium (PES)

What: 2019 Peterborough Engineering Symposium (PES) – How Will AI Shape Our Future?
When: Saturday October 26th, 2019 9am-4pm.
Where: Fleming College, Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre; D Wing, 599 Brealey Drive,
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B1
General Theme: The theme of our symposium is our awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how AI will
shape our future. AI is now in our schools, workplaces, homes and public spaces and it is only recently that
we are becoming aware of its existence and how it is impacting our future. The 2019 Peterborough
Engineering Symposium will focus on topics relating to AI and how it will shape our future within our current
laws/bi-laws/standards. Our Professionals will talk about the impact of data collection on our day-to-day
activities and how that information is being used to model our future.


June 2019: The reconstruction of the Scotts Mill Dam at Lock 19, on the Otonabee River

On Thursday June 20, 2019 the Chapter hosted a talk about the reconstruction of the Scotts Mill Dam at Lock 19, on the Otonabee River in Peterborough.  Though a lock and dam have been a part of the landscape at Scotts Mills Lock 19 since 1844, the existing concrete dam was not constructed until 1904, concurrent with the construction of the Peterborough Lift Lock. With only minor surface repairs in 1961 and 1976, the dam at Lock 19 has now reached the end of its useful life. It is going to be replaced, in sections, over the next three years.  The talk was given by Nicole Weber, PhD, P.Eng. the Senior Engineer Trent-Severn Waterway Project Delivery with Parks Canada.  Dr. Weber talked about the environmental assessment that was performed with particular emphasis of fish habitat.  Then about how a coffer dam will be installed in the river, how sections of the old dam will be removed and how the new dam will be constructed.  All while seasonal navigation continues along the canal and through the lock and while any flood water can safely flow through the dam.
About 40 people attended.


April 2019: Workshop: Supervisor Course: I’m in Charge here! … now what…?

A one-day workshop introducing essential skills for managers and supervisors took place on April 29, 2019 at the Stonehouse Hall in Peterborough.  Presented by Gerry Call of GCA Productive Consulting and Training Ltd.  The content covered was as follows:

    • Leadership and Management – Are These the Same?
    • Some Organizational Realities – Psychological Sabotage/Bare Minimum Performance
    • Listening and Asking Questions: Fundamental Tools for Leaders
    • Conflict Management
    • Motivating People to Improved Performance
    • The Stages of Team Development
    • Performance Management – Making Your Expectations Clear
    • Conflict Management
    • Delegation

Our instructor, Gerry Call is an experienced speaker, consultant, facilitator and author, with strong capabilities to motivate and entertain audiences. He is noted for his “down to earth” style as well as for his positive and humorous attitude towards his topics. Gerry creates powerful learning environments to help people move from the okay to the extraordinary.  Gerry uses his various skills to problem solve “people” issues, and help people devise creative and practical solutions. His personal aim is to make a difference in peoples’ performance by helping them better understand themselves and others. Through application of simple yet practical concepts and ideas, Gerry motivates people to make changes in the way they do things. Gerry’s motto is, People Matter Most. 



Feb 2019: Seminar on Addressing Risks in Engineering

PETER STUMPF P.Eng., PMP. who works as an R&D Manager – Test and Certification for  Siemens Canada Limited provided a seminar on understanding in the need of addressing risks in engineering work ethically and professionally. Providing engineers with clear definitions on risk management, hands-on examples and state of the art tools for industrial applications where good risk management can prevent catastrophic impact to people, property and our environment.   Practical examples provided and an explanation the foundations of  several techniques such as Agile with Scrum master and FEMA.

Attended by 26 members, this took place on Thursday February 21st 2019, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Kings Crossing Tap & Grill, 197 George Street North, Peterborough, ON, K9J 3G6



Nov 2018: Lily Lake Solar Farm Tour

On Thursday, Nov 29, 2018 at 1pm, about 35 members enjoyed a tour and presentation of the Lily Lake Solar Farm located on 394 Lily Lake Road, Peterborough, ON.

The tour included walking near the main substation and through a few rows of the array with a view of a mockup solar module in the garage area so the group can see the effects of shading on a module.

Event organizer: Rishi Poddar.

Oct 2018: Peterborough Regional Health Centre Laboratory Tour

The  PRHC Laboratory is ISO 15189 Plus certified.  This certification is a 4 year certification with a mid-cycle  assessment.  PHRC Laboratory received a 100% compliance with their mid-cycle assessment in May 2018.

The PRHC Laboratory provides services for PRHC, Haliburton Highlands Health Services, Anatomical Pathology and Microbiology services for Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay and Northumberland Hills Hospital in Coburg, as well as Anatomical Pathology services for Campbellford Memorial Hospital.  PRHC Laboratory performed over 1.75 million tests in 2017 to aid in diagnosis and treatments.

There are approximately 110 staff members that make up the Laboratory team of Doctors (Pathologists) , Technologists, Pathologists Assistants, Technicians, Clerical  and Administrative staff.

 The Laboratory consists of Multiple specialty areas including Specimen Procurement – primarily blood collection,  to ensure that appropriate sample identification, collection, preservation, anticoagulants, are completed.

The Core Lab operating 24/7/365  consisting of

Hematology –  whole blood analysis for complete blood counts and how that is completed and coagulation testing.

Chemistry – Analysis of blood and urine for various chemical analytes, hormones, drugs , and other proteins.

Transfusion Medicine – This area is responsible for the distribution of blood and blood products that are received from Canadian Blood Services ( your donation) to appropriate recipient who require transfusion of blood, platelets, and blood components.

 Anatomical Pathology and Cytology  – analysis of tissue and or cells  removed in surgery to determine a diagnosis ( eg cancer )  and provide information to influence treatment processes in the cancer center

Microbiology – Testing of infected areas swab and fluids, tissues to determine causative agents and appropriate antibiotics for use


The PRHC Laboratory is using technology and engineered solutions to perform and automate many testing procedures to enhance efficiencies, reliabilities  and reduce wait time for results which lead to better patient outcomes.  Some of this technology was developed right here in Peterborough!

Event organizer: Nanda Affonso

2017 Peterborough WW Treatment Plant Tours

We offered tours to the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Nov 2 and Nov 9, 2017. A total of 23 people attended, combined. Some of returning members who attended the Water tour in September. The tour included a visit to the lab on site but mostly we were outdoors looking at the process. Please refer to this link for the Organizer’s summary report.  Event organizer: Nanda Affonso

2017 Peterborough Engineering Symposium (PES)

Another very successful Symposium, lead by PEO and supported by IEEE, and OACETT. The topic was: LOCAL INOVATION DRIVING SUCCESS. Please refer to this link for the Organizer’s summary report.

Tour of Peterborough Water Treatment Plant, Sep 2017, report

Please refer to this organizers report for the Organizer’s summary report.  Two tours took place in September 2017 with a total of 32 participants. Due to high interest, the follow up to this is the tour to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Event organizer: Nanda Affonso

Tour of BRYSTON, Nov & Dec 2016, report

There was so much interested in visiting BRYSTON that we organized three tours! Please refer to this link 

for the Organizer’s summary report.  Event organizer: Sean Dunne.

2016 Peterborough Engineering Symposium (PES), reports

Another very successful Symposium, jointly organized by executives of local Chapters of PEO, IEEE, and OACETT. The topic was: THE INTERNET OF THINGS. Please refer here to the Organizer’s summary report: PES 2016-10-22 Helder Pinheiro. Additionally, refer her for the IEEE’s report: 2016 IEEE-PEO ACETT Symposium-3.

Tour of Saint Mary’s Cement Plant, Oct 2016, report

Organizer’s summary report: Saint Marys Cement Plant Visit-2.

Tour of ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel, Sep 29, 2016, report

Please refer her for the Organizer’s summary report: Tour of ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel.

Engineering Month, March 2016, report

Organizers summary report:2016 Engineering Month Challenge Final Report. Thank you to those who participated and who volunteered to make this event possible!

Engineering Symposium and tour of the Peterborough Airport, October 17, 2015

Presented by OACETT, PEO and IEEE, this year, our Symposium investigated “Aerospace and Beyond”. There were tours provided of several areas of the Peterborough Airport followed by presentations by keynote speakers which covered the following topics:

• Parliamentary Secretary Lou Rinaldi,
• Mr Trent Gervais on the “Peterborough Airport Expansion”
• Mr. Gary Wood on “Flying Colours Corp.”
• Mr. Marcelo Sarkis on “Aerospace and Patents – A Quick Fly-By”
• Prof. Lynn McMullen on “the Seneca School of Aviation”
• D. Yury Shvedkov on “Free Flight Model Aviation”
• Mr. Alex Pearson on “Unmanned Aerial Surveying”

Picture of 2015 Engineering Symposium Speakers, from Left to Right: Peterborough Airport Manager Trent Gervais, Seneca College Chair of the School of Aviation Lynne McMullen, Flying Colours Corp. Representative Gary Wood, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing MPP (Northumberland-Quinte West) Lou Rinaldi, Senior Patent Agent Marcelo Sarkis, AG UAV founder Alex Pearson, and Dr. Yury Shvedkov, Canadian National Free Flight Model Airplanes Team Representative.


Seminar on SR&ED refunds, October 13, 2015

BeneFACT Consulting Group provided an interactive information seminar on the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program.

We had Ajay Sinha to describe the benefits and process of making an SR&ED claim.
Substantial refunds available
Who qualifies?
What R&D activities qualify?
What assistance is available?

Mr. Sinha is Director – New Business Development with BeneFACT Consulting Group.

Ajay has over 25 years top-flight management experience consulting and directing manufacturing, production, industrial, and R&D operations in North America. He is highly skilled in operations and business development of SR&ED program. He is a pioneer in the design and delivery of innovative change management programs that have generated millions of dollars in cost savings through redesign and internal operating, production and business process. Ajay is an expert in facilitating change in a workplace to support re-engineering initiatives and meet organizational operating, financial, quality and safety objectives.

To conclude the seminar, Charles Kidd, P.Eng, FEC, retired CRA technical auditor and well known to the PEO Peterborough Chapter provided some observations regarding the SR&ED program.

Tour of St. Mary’s Cement facility in Bowmanville, October 8, 2015

The Peterborough Chapters of PEO, IEE and OACETT joined to visit the St. Mary’s Cement facility in Bowmanville. The group went through a presentation and a site tour.

For a full report on this event, please review this document: stmarys2015

April 2015: Engineering Licensing Tutorial

Back by popular demand! We organized another successful Tutorial on the process of becoming a licensed Professional Engineer. Once again we had the full support of PEO who sent 2 speakers to go through the licensing program. For a full report on this event, please review this document: EIT Event Write up revised

March 2015 Beer Tasting Event

The Peterborough Chapter organized a Beer Tasting Event at Smithworks Brewery on March 25th, 2015. The event was well attended by 35 members and guests. Attendees got a tutorial on beer making, types of ingredients and where they come from, water processing; including a tour of the brewery.  Event organizer: Nanda Affonso

2015 Engineering Challenge (March)

Please review the following document for a summary of this successful event! 2015 Engineering Month Challenge Final Report

November 2014 Engineering Symposium: Forensics Engineering

The PEO Chapter of PEO along with the local Chapters of OACETT and IEEE organized another successful Engineering Symposium.

Please review this document outlining a summary of the event with a picture of the Speakers: Peterborough Engineering Symposium 2014 – Follow up

4th line Theater Wounded Soldiers Saturday Aug 23, 2014

This event was very successful last year so we did it again! The event was well attended.

November 2013

On November 29th the Peterborough Chapter of PEO, the Peterborough Section of IEEE and the Peterborough Chapter of OACETT presented a very successful 2013 Engineering Symposium in the Auditorium of Market Hall Performing Arts Centre in downtown Peterborough on “Advancing Healthcare through Engineering”. This year’s committee chair was Sean Dunne, P. Eng., IEEE.

Picture attached (by Luc Matteau).

Left to Right: David Ames, Ahmed Younis, Dick Crawford, Jeff Leal, Elna Luckham, Doug Edmunson, Peter Thomas, Colin Davis, Sean Dunne.

Keynote speaker, Peterborough MPP, the Hon. Jeff Leal, outlined the many health and economic benefits of health related businesses and services in Ontario. The Ontario Health Quality Council brings together diverse groups to accelerate innovation. Ontario is 3rd in North America for pharmaceuticals. Advances in health care though engineering are vital for our economy and for our health care system.

Dick Crawford of Pka Softtouch Corp. in Lakefield described the Micro-needle. This has a 31 gauge 2 mm deep needle which to reach the nerve endings. Drugs are injected into interstitial fluid just below the skin. They are absorbed more quickly. The needle is never visible and there is no pain. The cartridges are used once and disposable.

Ahmed Younis of Westmount Pharmacy discussed the 3 degree of freedom and 5 degree of freedom robots use at their store, Westmount Pharmacy, to prepare blister packs for clients. Ahmed is recent graduate and is very interested in smart apps which assist in providing health by monitoring symptoms.

Peter Thomas and Doug Edmondson of Isagenix discussed extending life with natural product derivatives that may help reduce aging. Telomerase treatment helps maintain the length of the telemores and may help reduce aging. Isagenix markets a whole range of products and regimes to meet this end.

Colin Davis made an impromptu presentation on Cardiomed, Lindsay Company which focuses primarily on rod dialysis and open heart surgery devices. Cardiomed assumes their product will be copied. Innovation keeps them ahead.

Elna Luckham from the Biointerfaces Institute which opened at McMaster University in April 2013 spoke on the theme “Where materials meets biology”. They work on prognostics and medical devices and train the next generation. They study Opthalmic biomaterials – drug delivery though contact lenses and materials for contact lenses. Another area is Paper detection – like litmus paper – may be used on site to test for heavy metals or E Coli. They look for materials that repel pathogens and detect antibiotic resistant bacteria. Studies are underway for home cholesterol tests, improved contact lenses, and the rapid design of new surfaces. They can test thousands of materials at once analyse the data and made it available for commercialization.

Greg Halsihan and Jill De Grood with Alberta Health Services spoke via Skype. They work on the W21 team (Ward of the 21st Century). This is a multidisciplinary project to evaluate heath technology and environment at the South Health Campus, Calgary. They work on room design for hospitals, ambulance design, and electronic medical records. One example was using RFID to track instruments in the hospital. A second example was selecting automated dispensing cabinets.

David Ames of the Peterborough Regional Health Center (PRHC) looked at developments currently in progress at PRHC and said that there is an exciting future for health care. One of the major inhibitors is the extremely long regulatory process. It takes 17 years for technology to be adopted in Canada (for example stents). Angioplasty failed 30% of the time within 6 months before stents were introduced. Biotech, genomics info-tech will make a big impact. Nanotech, chips, electronics, micro fluids, etc., will be used. Minimally invasive surgery is becoming the norm. Spider Silk with glass beads creates a material that helps re-grow human bones. The antibiotic era is over. Old diseases are back. With SARS or flu, patients need help with breathing. Other discussion topics included:

  • Trauma pod – remote surgery in ambulance. Used in the USA
  • Birmingham hip – high carbide cobalt chrome. 98 pc better wear resistance. Metal on metal with some reactions.
  • DaVinci robot for surgeons. Good for micro surgery. Takes the shake of a doctors hands out of the procedure.
  • Ultrasound non invasive uterine fibroid removal. Gastric banding. 1 hour surgery. Inflate band to prevent eating as much. Cures type II diabetes instantly.
  • Needle free injection – high pressure injection.
  • Molecular diagnosis and treatment effectiveness. Test the reaction to chemo. Takes a month to see if tumor shrinks. Blood test looks for cancer cells. Fine tune the chemo mix.
  • MaRSExcite Program. Excellence in Clinical Innovation and Technology Evaluation. Partnership of government, healthcare system, academia, clinicians and industry.
  • Strategic Plan Canadian health care has none. It is provincially regulated.
  • Need. Faster implementation of better health technologies. There is a need for a better process of consultation, evaluation, regulatory adoption (incl. fee schedule revision), and patient use.

The location (Market Hall Performing Center) worked out very well. Lunch and snacks were catered.

More then 50 people attended including a number from outside the engineering community.

Click here for the presentations on this event.

October 2013

2013 GLP meeting

PEO President Annette Bergeron, P.Eng. (front row, third from left) was a guest speaker at the PEO Eastern Region GLP Academy and Congress on October 19. Lloyd Gorling, P.Eng. (centre, back row) attended for the Peterborough Chapter.
Also in the photo are (front row, from left to right) PEO Manager of Student and Government Liaison Programs Jeannette Chau, P.Eng., Vice President Thomas Chong, P.Eng., PEO Councillor Ishwar Bhatia, P.Eng., Eastern Region Councillor Dave Brown, P.Eng., and Upper Canada Chapter GLP Chair Jeff Neilson, P.Eng., In the back row (from left to right) are Algonquin Chapter GLP Chair Ken Serdula, P.Eng., Government Liaison Committee member Doug Hatfield, P.Eng., Thousand Island Chapter GLP Chair Graham Houze, P.Eng., Upper Canada Chapter Acting Chair Tim Kirkby, P.Eng., Thousand Islands Chapter Chair Ray Linseman, P.Eng., Peterborough Chapter GLP Rep Lloyd Gorling, P.Eng., Ottawa Chapter Treasurer Joe Podrebarac, P.Eng., Kingston Chapter Chair Doug Hamilton, P.Eng., and Ottawa Chapter GLP Chair Guy Boone, P.Eng. Peterborough Chapter participates in Government-Liaison-Program Academy

The PEO established the Government Liaison Program (GLP) so that government, PEO members, and the public continue to recognize, support and respect PEO’s regulatory mandate; in particular, its contributions to maintaining the highest level of professionalism among engineers working in the public interest. To support the GLP a number of training sessions, known as GLP Academies, are held throughout the Province for members participating in the GLP.

Government Liaison Training Sessions

  • The nature/scope of the program
  • Tips on building relationships with MPPs
  • Updates on current issues impacting the role of PEO and the self-regulating profession
  • Updates on PEO messaging and positions

On October 19, the Peterborough Chapter participated in the GLP Academy for the Eastern Region of PEO hosted by the Thousand Islands Chapter. Our Chapter was represented by Chapter executive member Lloyd Gorling, P.Eng. (retired). Keynote addresses were given by Steve Clark, MPP (Leeds-Grenville), and by PEO President Annette Bergeron, P. Eng.

Of particular interest was the Candidate College presentation by Howard Brown, President, Brown & Cohen Communications and Public Affairs. Mr Brown supports PEO’s public relations and in particular PEO’s government relations. The PEO would like to see more PEO members elected to Provincial Parliament and has developed resources to assist members with the entire process of running for elected office. Any member (including EIT) interested in running for election to Provincial Parliament or for municipal/school-board office may contact the Chapter GLP Chair, Charles Kidd, P.Eng., or the Chapter Chair Clarence Klassen, P.Eng.

The PEO GLP office can be reached at: Contacts can be found on the PEO website at

and resources can be accessed at: Government Liaison Program or GLP Resources for Chapters

August 2013

Members of OACETT, IEEE and PEO Peterborough Chapters and their immediate family members enjoyed an evening at the 4th Line Theatre production of The Real McCoy, on Friday August 23, 2013. A total of 34 members attended the event which was at a reduced cost. For other performances, check out the website

March 2013

Engineering Challenge: March 5, 2013

Engineering month (March) was celebrated in Peterborough at the Envirude Centre. Student from different age groups had a great time designing a catapult with the provided tools. Click here for the news coverage on this event.

February 2013

The Peterborough Chapter Annual General Meeting took place on February 21, 2013 at the Peterborough Memorial Centre. The event was well attended. Seven Professional Engineering Certificates were presented.

November 2012

The Peterborough Chapter co-hosted on November 17 the Engineering Symposium with IEEE and OACETT at the Fleming College in Lindsay. This year’s topic was Environmental Engineering. The event was well attended by working and retired engineers, college students and professors.

October 2012

On October 17 the Peterborough Chapter organized another Beer Tasting Event at St Veronus in Peterborough. The event was well attended and we look forward to seeing you again next year.  Event organizer: Nanda Affonso

April 2012

2012 PEO Education Outreach Conference report by Dan Manns, P. Eng Trip Report – 2012 PEO Education Outreach Conference – Dan Manns.

2010 and older

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