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Best Practices for the Development of New Engineered Solutions in the Race for Advanced Technology (Brought to you by the IEEE Chapter)


R&D Manager – Siemens Canada Limited

On Tuesday October 1st 2019

From 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Canadian Canoe Museum

910 Monaghan Rd, Peterborough, ON K9J 5K4

Attendance at the Seminar is free of charge.  Please, use the registration link below: Registration


This presentation describes best practices for research and development such as rapid learning and iterative engineering synergized with project management techniques such as Agile, Lean and Kanban in order to execute and manage complex projects.

The mastery of new tricks from developing an idea to implementing its solution is of importance for a new generation of engineers and project managers who work in an increasingly complex technological, international and multidisciplinary environment. Best practices described in this seminar enable creativity and speed to realize new ideas while ensuring that problems of the past are not repeated in new projects. This is particularly significant for risks in engineered solutions that could have catastrophic effects on human life, business, or the environment.

This session explains tools and behaviour that should be applied by engineers and project managers in order to enable:

  • Rapid Learning Cycles for Quicker Development of Solutions
  • Iterative design and structured problem solving for maximum Scope and Risk Coverage
  • Higher quality design by ensuring that known risks do not repeat

I am Peter Stumpf


Over a 24-year professional career, I have worked on many research and technological development projects and programs. My work experiences have spanned research in aerodynamics, atmospheric icing, robotics and system engineering to my current work as a certification/test and senior project manager responsible for high complexity product development with focus on functional product safety.

Over the years, my purpose has also been to develop the professional skills of students and peers to ethically and professionally manage risks that can catastrophically impact human life, property and our environment. I have authored several national and international publications and, I have provided seminars on Engineering and Risk Management to students of several Canadian Universities and Colleges, as well to peers at leadership events and national congresses.

Details on my background and most recent seminars & publications on related topics, see my LinkedIn profile at:  www.linkedin.com/in/peter-stumpf





2019 Peterborough Engineering Symposium (PES)


Please join us for the Peterborough Engineering Symposium (PES), co-hosted by IEEE,
PEO, O.A.C.E.T.T. and Fleming College where several experts in Engineering and Artificial
Intelligence have been invited to share their knowledge and experiences.

What: 2019 Peterborough Engineering Symposium (PES) – How Will AI Shape Our Future?
When: Saturday October 26th, 2019 9am-4pm.
Where: Fleming College, Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre; D Wing, 599 Brealey Drive,
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B1
Cost: FREE (with printed or digital Eventbrite ticket)
How: Register on Eventbrite at the following link: How Will AI Shape Our Future? eventbrite

General Theme: The theme of our symposium is our awareness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how AI will
shape our future. AI is now in our schools, workplaces, homes and public spaces and it is only recently that
we are becoming aware of its existence and how it is impacting our future. The 2019 Peterborough
Engineering Symposium will focus on topics relating to AI and how it will shape our future within our current
laws/bi-laws/standards. Our Professionals will talk about the impact of data collection on our day-to-day
activities and how that information is being used to model our future.

Symposium Schedule:
9:00am: Networking and coffee
Career advice, discussions and show exhibits continue throughout the event

10:00am: Registration and Welcome messages from our political leaders and Fleming’s President,
Vice President of Academic Experience

10:30am: Speaker presentations

11:30am: Lunch and networking for all registered workshop attendees; tours of the Fleming D and B
wings available upon request

1:00pm: Speaker presentations

2:00pm: Panel discussion moderated by Fleming College’s Vice President of Academic Experience

Sponsorship package: PES SPONSOR Letter 2019




STEP Water and Energy training / education opportunities

What: Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP)
How: Refer to the attached list of upcoming opportunities on their website

For more information, please contact:
Mike Bortolussi, Marketing Coordinator, Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP)
Toronto and Region Conservation
416-661-6600 ext. 5741