If you wish to contact a member of the PEO Peterborough Executive, send an email to peterborough@peo.on.ca

Position Name
Chair vacant
Co-Chair Rishi Poddar
Past Chair Arash Yazdani, P. Eng.
Treasurer Peter Hynes, P. Eng.
Education Coordinator & Scholarship Dan Demers, P. Eng.
Secretary vacant
Webmaster & Communications Nanda Affonso, P. Eng.
GLP Mike Wearing, P. Eng.
Executive Jane Chog
Dan Demers, P. Eng.
Sean Dune, P. Eng.
Helder Fleury Pinheiro, P. Eng.
Clarance Klassen, P. Eng.
Other Positions NEM Chair
NEM Volunteers
PES Chair


Revision Date: Feb 26, 2019