If you wish to contact a member of the PEO Peterborough Executive, send an email to peterborough@peo.on.ca

Position Name
Chair Arash Yazdani, P. Eng.
Co-Chair Marcelo K├Ânig Sarkis, P. Eng.
Past Chair Clarance Klassen, P. Eng.
Treasurer Peter Hynes, P. Eng.
Education Coordinator & Scholarship Dan Demers, P. Eng.
Secretary Katie Spiler, P. Eng.
Webmaster & Communications Nanda Affonso, P.Eng.
GLP Dan Demers, P. Eng.
LAP Leader: Bo Dang, P. Eng.
Executive Sean Dune, P. Eng.
Helder Fleury Pinheiro, P. Eng.
Other Positions NEM Chair
NEM Volunteers
PES Chair

Revision Date: March 1st, 2018