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The PEO Peterborough Chapter covers a vast area (Peterborough, Northumberland, Hastings and Haliburton Counties), with over 800 members, click on this link for a map of the area covered under the Peterborough Chapter of the PEO:


PEO Licence Certificate Ceremonies are held once a year during our AGM normally held in the first quarter of the year.

Climate Task Force Initiative


1. Create dialogue, awareness and interest in creating a local multidisciplinary Climate Task Force for Peterborough County.

  1. Form a team of local engineers who will develop a climate task force agenda for review by our Peterborough Chapter and for networking with PEO members from other chapters.

Reference from Engineering Dimensions (PEO, May/June 2017):

What a regional climate task force could enable:

  • Engineers to create an understanding on how human activities could further reduce the development of greenhouse gases which, in turn, would reduce global warming.
  • Modeling our local regional climate with focus on quantifying parameter variability and reliability of modelling data.
  • Translating scientific knowledge into policy making and engineering practices


There is clearly a need to raise the level of knowledge and the level of ambition to make changes. A very good start and outreach has been created by:


A focused agenda on regional needs for Peterborough County could be:

  1. Create visibility on potential risks arising from climate changes
  • Mitigate risks of flooding of Trent River, Little Lake etc. by improved storm water removal
  • Mitigate risks of high winds and tornados which now occur at higher frequency
  • Mitigate the increased risk to power transmission structures due to increased ice loading during freezing-rain storms and wind loading


  1. Reach out to governmental institutions in order to upgrade policies
  • Define a multidisciplinary team with respect to disciplines within engineering and meteorology.
  • Work with the Canadian Metrological Society to model climate data for our region
  • Network with other provincial engineering organizations in order to strengthen advocacy
  • Review structural design parameters for environmental loading (ice, water, wind,…) with focus of revising safety factors


  1. Links to pertinent information:


3.1 Link to base information from Engineers Canada:     Public guideline: Principles of climate adaptation and mitigation for engineers | Engineers Canada


3.2 Link to discussion paper (Engineers & Geoscientists BC): https://www.egbc.ca/getmedia/7e48cabd-75d9-407b-a0be-d4bcb2d9d205/CCAP-Discussion-Paper-2020.pdf.aspx


3.3 Link to the Climate Change Adaptation Webinar Community of Practice (Climate Risk Institute Canada): https://climateriskinstitute.ca/platform-webinars/


3.4 Link to Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform (Government of Canada): https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/climate-change/impacts-adaptations/adapting-our-changing-climate/10027#webinars


3.5 Link to Climate Change Action Plan (Engineers & Geoscientists BC): https://www.egbc.ca/getmedia/50e4e26b-30ad-46c8-8ca1-f06428af65dc/Engineers-and-Geoscientists-BC-Climate-Change-Action-Plan.pdf.aspx


3.6 Article on Climate Change (Engineering Dimensions): http://www.digitalityworks.com/Viewers/ViewIssue.aspx?IssueID=240&PageNo=1


3.7 Video: A farewell to ice by Peter Wadhams & TedxUHasselt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-58wuR7D8M


3.8 Video:  Seven surprising results from the reduction of Arctic Sea ice cover | David Barber | TEDxUManitoba: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofaoiHYKtlc


3.9 The Engineering Dimensions Climate Change adaptation article is on page 14 http://www.digitalityworks.com/Viewers/ViewIssue.aspx?IssueID=240&PageNo=14



Contact for further information:

Peter Stumpf, P.Eng. (Initiator)

Ph. 707 868 1635


2021 Peterborough Scholarship Recipients 

Once again we had exceptional candidates for the PEO Scholarships award: 7 graduating high-schoolers submitted applications.  The evaluations were very close.

The recipients of the $500 scholarships are:

Marissa R             Thomas A. Stewart

Reanne M            Adam Scott

Zoe F                    Trinity College School

We wish these students the best in their studies.


 Peterborough should be renamed as “The Science Fair City”!

Five students representing the Peterborough Regional Science Fair 

have won an unprecedented number of awards tonight at the Youth Science Canada – Canada-Wide Science Fair. All five of our finalists won Medals and Special Awards but Calvin Karthik took home

the top prize of the entire fair called Best Project Award and Shreya Plassery won a Platinum Award for Best Junior Project – both are for a Discovery project.  

So that means two of the best three Discovery projects of the fair (junior, intermediate and senior) in Canada are from the Peterborough Region!!!!! Unbelievable.

Never before has Peterborough won the number of awards these students achieved tonight, 13 in total! We are proud beyond words for these students, who for some, have been working on their project for two years. Calvin’s win means he will represent Canada and compete at the virtual European Union Contest for Young Scientists hosted in Salamanca, Spain – Sept 2021.


Calvin and Shreya spoke in the “Meet the Winner’s Panel”  Friday May 21, at noon.   Go to:




click on the large purple box that says “main stage”



Here is a complete list of the awards and links to view their projects:



Calvin Karthik: Grade 9, Kenner C.V.I



  1. Best Project Award – Discovery (this award can be won by ANY project…junior, intermediate or senior…Calvin is only in grade 9 and has won this!!!!)
  2. Excellence Award Gold Medal – Intermediate
  3. Challenge Award Energy – Top Intermediate Project
  4. Renewable Energy Award $750



Shreya Plassery: Grade 8, St. Catherine C.E.S


  1. Platinum Award – Discovery – Best Junior Project
  2. Excellence Award Gold Medal – Junior
  3. Youth Can Innovate Award $500



Shaun Plassery : Grade 10, Kenner C.V. I.


  1. Excellence Award Silver Medal – Intermediate
  2. Challenge Award Natural Resources – Top Intermediate Project
  3. Ted Rogers Innovation Award – full scholarship to participate in YSC/York University STEM Entrepreneur Bootcamp



Rowan Sutcliffe Dummitt: Grade 8, Adam Scott Intermediate School


  1. Excellence Award Silver Medal – Junior



Jessica Livingstone: Grade 13, East Northumberland S. S.


  1. Excellence Award Bronze Medal – Senior
  2. Challenge Award Natural Resources – Top Senior Project

For More information, reach out to:

Jill Emery

705 741 8209


Administration and Fundraising
Peterborough Regional Science Fair




Newly licensed and looking for your Certificate?   Certificates are being framed and will be mailed to new members due to the current COVID situation until we’re able to resume our in-person activities.  The PEO office has mailed Certificates of those licensed between Nov 2019 – Sep 2020 – expect to see it in the next few weeks.


On hold until further noticed Chapter Nominations Award

Initiated in 2017, our local Chapter members now have the opportunity to recognize other P. Eng. members in our community.  Please find the form attached below to make a nomination.  Awards are presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Keep your email preferences up to date with the PEO (in Member Portal) and check this page often for updates on form deadline and AGM details.

Form2020PTBO PEO Chapter Awards Nomination Package



Past Recipients:

Citizenship Award – For society betterment outside of an engineering context: Chales Kidd (2018),  Marcelo Sarkis (2019)

Citizenship Award – For society betterment outside of an engineering context: Peter Stumpf (2018), Deborah (Deb) Keay (2019)

Engineering Achievement Award – Young Professional: Kenneth (Ken) Smith (2019)

Engineering Lifetime Engineering Award: Robert Rehder (2018)






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